FTA World Championships 2022

FTA World Championships 2022

The Freestyle Trampoline World Championships will be held on August 4, 2022 in a unique and historic setting - The Round Chapel -  which boasts an amazing theatrical structure, perfect for the World Championships.

With outstanding acoustics, a high ceiling and tiered balcony seating for 400 guests, the audience can take in all the action from a close-up never before seen vantage point. The big tricks & skills will literally be at the audience eye level, making this a perfect stage for our sports broadcast production and live stream. 

The FTA World Championships is a Trampoline Battle, where the best athletes face-off to see who has the most Creative, Difficult and best Executed Freestyle Combos on a 5 x 5 m EUROTRAMP™ Freestyle Trampoline. 

In 2016 the sport was officially coined "The Sport Born On Instagram" and with it the world's first garden trampoline competition was held.  Called the ‘GTGames,' the event was held in Escondido, California with the top 50 athletes from around the world invited to attend, based on skills demonstrated their Instagram GT Games Official Submissions.  With broadcasters and publishers such as Jukin Media, Fox News, the New York Times and L.A Times, the sport really took off! This was the birth of this new sport and the impetus for creating the Freestyle Trampoline Association.

Co-creators, Greg Roe & Trish McGeer, quickly saw the sport as a community that were looking for a way to showcase their skills, so more events were added to the calendar in the years to follow, including a GTGames in both Europe and New Zealand.  Fast forward 3 years and many events later,  the first FTA Sanctioned Supertramp competition was held in Europe, called 'Freestyle Frenzy’ at Crossjumps in The Netherlands This event captured live audiences across Europe and reached as far as French Tv channels with high flying skills never before seen in competition with a competitive format that was safe for the athletes as well as an amazing Show for the Audience.  The best in the world were then invited to compete at the Freestyle Frenzy Championships in 2019 in The Netherlands.​

 Then the world plunged into a global pandemic and the FTA was forced to postpone events for eighteen months. During this time, we created a series of investments such as: an Podcast Education Series, Franchising the FTA and ‘jumping’ into Esports. 

Now, as an Official Global Esports Federation Member, the FTA is positioned with Esport Leaders to bring the excitement of Live Trampoline to the Video Game Screen for the first time! #GRTproflipper is the world’s first 3D & Real Physics Mobile Trampoline Simulator with Live Leaderboard Scoring! 

Now, as the world transitions out of the pandemic, the FTA is taking the freestyle community to a whole new level by hosting the World's First Freestyle Trampoline Championships with both Televised Live Freestyle Action, but also with an Esports Championships.

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The FTA has also created a #GRTjunior Education Program to help promote safe bouncing to Flippers all over the world. Athletes of all ages, Coaches, Editors and even Parents are encouraged to sign up as it allows Community Members to connect and help develop the community. You can even create your own Project and work directly with the FTA to bring it to life within the Series!

As we telling the Community’s Story, the FTA will be giving you Updated Content and Exclusive Never Before Seen footage from FTA archives on all social media platforms.

Thank you to all of our Friends and partners around the world who have helped us create a safer platform for these Do-It-Yourself Athletes. After many years of athletic training, hosting events and going viral hundreds of times, these athletes are ready to show the world what they can do!

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