About the FTA


Welcome to the World’s first Freestyle Trampoline Association!


The Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA) is an organization of like-minded individuals and athletes in the trampoline industry who embrace the Freestyle element of sports.  We have created an official community that provides a platform for athletes who want to express themselves in unique ways. 


Here at the FTA we encourage athletes to explore what their body and mind can do on a trampoline by experimenting in a very strategic step-by-step manner taught at our educational seminars. Through this creative learning process, Freestyle Trampoline athletes can unlock an infinite amount of skills compared to the limited number in the traditional stream. 


We focus on helping athletes use trampoline to discover themselves and what makes them unique.  These days, many professional acrobatic athletes are starting to turn to Freestyle because they see the limitless options available. 




It is not about just throwing crazy tricks,

it's about being unique!

Our Association will offer our members and the audience who attends our events a never before seen exciting format where these athletes can be recognized, not just for their ability but for their unique individual style.

Our aim is to create an Association that revolutionizes the acrobatic market in a way that has never been done before. 

We will do this through the following mechanisms:


√  Provide a platform for all freestyle acrobatic enthusiasts
√  Allow for unique individual expression and style
√  Create revenue generating options with a business model
√  Listen to the suggestions of our members and be all-inclusive
√  Made for Athletes, By the Athletes


"Three out of every five teenagers watch extreme sports.”


The FTA is also making a firm stand on anti-bullying, especially on-line bullying, hate speech and offensive comments.  We also do not allow or condone drug use or alcohol at any of our events.  Any athlete showing signs of impairment will be removed from the event and potentially removed from the premises.