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Sebastian Wennmalm Picture Tee

Sebastian Wennmalm Picture Tee

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This custom designed T-Shirt by Sebastian Wennmalm 'Sebbe' is the latest offering from the #GRTCrew, brought to you by the FTA.  Here Sebbe explains the reasoning behind his designs.

"Ever since the start of my freestyle trampoline journey I always wanted to create my own clothing brand. Something that was going to represent me and the freestyle trampoline community at the same time.

January 2022 I was finally finding the courage to start with the project and the word ”UP” crossed my mind. It felt simple, and the word stuck with me for a few weeks. I was fascinated by how much it meant in just two letters. Both in a trampoline scenario, while jumping on a trampoline, which is the original meaning and why it came to mind, but also with anything in life. Whether it’s this sport, another one or life in general. Just keep moving forward, keep moving up!"

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